Jordan Hopkins is an independent journalist currently based in the Philadelphia area. A graduate of Hofstra University, Jordan served as head writer at Nonsense Humor Magazine and as assistant editorials editor at The Hofstra Chronicle. With additional bylines in Unicorn RiotLeft Coast Right Watch, The Mineola American, The Levittown Tribune, and Long Island Weekly, Jordan has proven himself to be an experienced on the ground reporter as well as a dedicated researcher and team leader.

In Philadelphia Jordan documented some of 2020’s most explosive news, from the generation-defining George Floyd protests to the 2020 presidential election. With a focus on such critical local issues as housing, wealth inequality, police violence, and the rise of far-right extremism, Jordan aims to develop support for independent journalism as a means of community self-defense in an age of harmful misinformation and online propaganda. Over ten years of writing experience across many disciplines has developed Jordan into a dependable and dedicated truth teller, with a love of the complex stories and systems that determine every aspect of our modern life. Resume upon request. Available for freelance.